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About the time that you are reading this blog post our Delta flight out of Fort Myers, Florida, will be touching down at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Mild exercise and shuffleboard play replaced a hectic month of getting the March Lambton Lifeline [Lambton County Branch’s newsletter] out and conducting family research for the Petrolia Heritage Committee.

I took advantage of being in a new locale by attending a meeting of the Lee County Genealogical Society, Inc. of Fort Myers, Florida. The group was friendly, read off the names of visitors, provided drinks and cookies and in the process created a pleasant atmosphere for a newcomer. The topic of Margaret “Peg” Kapustiak’s presentation, Pandemics, Epidemics, Diseases, Sudden Deaths, Disasters & Events, was an interesting one. She answered the question, “Why did most of the family die in that year?” in a number of ways. One of the websites that Peg noted was gendisasters.com .

Prior to leaving home I contacted the Fort Myers Regional Genealogy Library via a link on the Lee County G.S. Inc. website. On this website they have the entire genealogical shelf list available for you to explore easily. I found an Illinois based book of interest, Grundy, Will, LaSalle, Kendall Counties, 1840-1879 Deaths, Marriages, Births [as extracted from area newspapers].1 I sent a query re whether any members of my Bolton family were captured in these extractions. Unfortunately none were, but Carolyn, the volunteer who answered my question, suggested an alternate approach to possibly finding the information that I was seeking. Note that this shelf list is not all related to records from Florida and do consider checking it for sources for those Canadians who relocated elsewhere south of the Canada/ USA border.

An added bonus of attending the Lee County G. S. Inc, meeting was a chance to connect with Kim, an Ontario Ancestors member.

My next steps will be to get back into the research and writing mode. I will have to refer to my genealogical goals and decide which ancestor gets my attention next. Will it be the great aunt who disappeared from the face of the earth after the 1870 United States Census, or her brother who may have disappeared into Western Canada? How I wish some of them had stayed home in Ontario! Along with this research I will be “back filling” the story of John McMillan, oil operator in Petrolia, for the Petrolia Heritage Committee. If anyone recognizes his name or that of his wife Jeanie Shaw and has pictures or information please feel free to contact me.
Best of luck in your research and writing!

If you are an aficionado of detective stories, J. J. Jances’ novel, Sins of the Fathers, incorporates the use of DNA to prove family connections. I downloaded this book via my public library through my Libby app.

1. Becki Leucht, compiler, Grundy, Will, LaSalle, Kendall Counties, 1840-1879 Deaths, Marriages, Births [as extracted from area newspapers], 1998.

Alan Campbell
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