The Irish Palatine SIG Will Be On The Road Again!!


The Irish Palatine SIG Will Be On The Road Again!!
Phyllis Chapman, Tour Committee, Irish Palatine Special Interest Group, OGS

The Irish Palatine Special Interest Group of the Ontario Genealogical Society is pleased to announce a new tour, to take place September 13 – 23, 2018.  We are again travelling with the Great Canadian tour bus company which did such a fabulous job for us in 2013.  We will travel in a comfortable highway coach (toilet included) and we will once again have the assistance of an onboard tour coordinator with concierge service at each hotel for our baggage.

The “In the Footsteps of Our Irish Palatine Ancestors Tour” attempts to bridge the gap between the Irish Palatine Association’s 2009 Tercentennary Tour in Ireland and our 2013 “Irish Palatines in Ontario Tour.”  We will be following the footsteps of the Irish Palatines who left Ireland in 1760 to go to the New World, settling in New York City and then the Camden Valley, only to have their lives turned upside down once more when the American Revolution broke out in 1776.  We will follow the men who fought for the British and who then had to flee to Quebec when Burgoyne was defeated.  These men were followed later by their families.  We’ll also briefly explore some later Irish Palatine settlements in Quebec.

This circle tour will start and end in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  We will travel and stay in the following locations:  Montreal (one night stay), New York City (two nights), Saratoga Springs, NY (three nights), St-Ignace-de-Stanbridge, Quebec (two nights), Quebec City (one night), ending up back in Montreal (one night).

All breakfasts and dinners are included in the cost of the tour, as are six of the lunches.

The itinerary includes the following (subject to modification):

  • Historic Odelltown church near Montréal, site of an 1838 American invasion
  • Step-on Guided Tour of New York City
  • 9/11 Memorial and other sites in Lower Manhattan
  • Tickets to a Broadway show
  • John Street United Methodist Church (the first Methodist Church in America), with a chance to view its museum
  • Dinner with the Palatines to America New York Chapter (comprised of descendants of the Germans who left the Palatinate with our ancestors in 1709, but who went directly to the New World, without the benefit of a generational stop in Ireland!)
  • Camden Valley, including the Embury and Heck properties, the Moravian Burying Ground (Philip Embury’s first resting place)
  • Bennington, Vermont, including the museum with its famous Grandma Moses Gallery
  • Revolutionary Bennington and Saratoga battlefields, with the help of an historical interpreter
  • Schuylerville and “The Surrender Tree,” where Burgoyne surrendered to the rebels
  • Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point (where the IP men joined the British forces)
  • Philipsburg and Saint-Armand cemeteries and churches in Quebec
  • Domaine du Ridge Wine Tour
  • Missisquoi Museum
  • Old Québec City
  • Grosse Îsle, Canada’s quarantine station, where many new immigrants died
  • St. James United Church and historic Old Montréal

The Irish Palatine Special Interest Group is working hard to include as much Irish Palatine content as possible as we follow in the footsteps of our ancestors.

The cost of the tour, per person, is as follows:
Twin  – $3,785.00 CD
Triple – $3,675.00 CD
Quad – $3,565.00 CD
Single – $5,285.00 CD

Due to the overall cost of the tour, a $400 deposit is required at the time of booking.

The bus company offers a “matching” service of sorts for people who are travelling alone and want to buddy up to take advantage of the lower fees for multiples.  Details can be obtained from the bus company when you book the trip.

You can go to our website to find out more information on Who are the IP? and Common IP Surnames

Tours are booked directly through the bus company by calling them at 519-896-8687 or toll free at 1-800-461-8687 ext. 280 and requesting the tour “In the Footsteps of Our Irish Palatine Ancestors.”

Important note:  Please note that you are responsible for getting yourself to and from our starting and ending point in Montreal; however, we need a minimum of 35 people booked in order to run the tour, so please do not make arrangements for your travel until we have confirmed that the tour is a go.

If you have further questions, or have difficulties contacting the bus company, you can email us at

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