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The Revised Edition of the New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer is now available for purchase!

The most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to New York State research – now available in digital form as an add-on to the print copy.

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There is no other book, website, or tool like the New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer.

Over 100 experts have reviewed and contributed their knowledge to consolidate everything important to know about New York genealogy records and research into one text.

Master New York research with this tool.

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What’s Inside

This guide has detailed information on the important things New York researchers need to know, including:

  • Chapters on major record groups and research resources, including the most up-to-date and comprehensive review of New York State’s extremely complicated vital records system.
  • Information on research resources for sixteen major ethnic and twelve major religious groups that have lived in New York.
  • Gazetteers, maps, and research guides to each of New York’s 62 counties, including the five boroughs of New York City.
  • More than 100 separate, categorized, special topic bibliographiesvetted by genealogists
  • Timelines of key events in New York history 1609–1945 that impact genealogical research.
  • An index of over 11,000 place names and place-name variants past and present – the first published gazetteer of its kind since 1872.
Preview of the Table of Contents

Revised Edition: More Portable & Up to Date

Now in two volumes, with hundreds of updates and an optional PDF edition add-on.
We’re proud to introduce the Revised Edition, including:

  • An updated vital records chapter that keeps researchers informed on themany new online indexes.
  • Revised birth, marriage, and death records tables accompany the new chapter organization for this critical and often confusing subject.
  • More than one hundred other revisions keep researchers up-to-date in the 16 chapters and 64 guides to counties and special regions.

The revised edition comes in two volumes packaged together. Part One contains chapters on the many record types and major ethnic and religious groups of New York genealogy. Part Two encompasses guides for the 62 New York counties, plus a special guide for New York City and for Long Island.

Researchers may purchase a digital PDF edition along with their print copy – only those who purchased a print copy of the first edition can purchase a standalone digital revised edition – please email for more information.

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Praise from the Experts

Winner of the 2016 National Genealogical Society Award for Excellence

“Three years of intensive work culminate in this volume, which serves as a comprehensive guide to the resources available to research the histories of families with New York roots. The Guide is a unique resource which not only supports those interested in New York State, but also provides a model for other states—a true gift to those interested in family history.”
David S. Ferriero  Archivist of the United States

“For centuries, New York has been the New World’s gateway, the first address of families searching for better lives for themselves and their descendants. Now, thanks to the astonishing efforts of the NYG&B, those descendants have a single port of entry for researching the past. This volume is certain to become the standard for the nation and an indispensable resource for anyone hoping to retrace ancestral journeys in—and beyond—the Empire State.”
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  Alphonse Fletcher University Professor, Harvard University

“This volume doubles as an overdue handbook for serious researchers…an enlightening and eclectic chronological tour of four centuries of New York benchmarks and record-keeping.”
The New York Times

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