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Volunteer Opportunities at the Branches

OGS branches are all-volunteer groups, so volunteers are essential. Some of the positions and work can be done from a distance, so you do not need to live near the Branch to volunteer.

In most Branches the elected positions are: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Branches will train a new volunteer so that they may eventually take one of these positions.

Most of the rest of the activities of a Branch are done by a committee or working group. Positions available may include leading the group, co-ordinating part of the group's work, or assisting with the actual work. Training is available. Each Branch is unique; the following is a list of many of the activities that Branches may be involved in.

Research and Publishing
Cemeteries Transcriptions
Places of Worship
Electronic search
Research & inquiries
Program (monthly meetings) and Workshops
Summer Camp
Journal and Newsletter
Marketing and Administration
Publication Sales
Special Events
Web Site

Every Branch will have something that will excite your interest, utilize your skills, or help you develop new skills. Talk to your Branch. You will be glad you did.