Why Join OGS?

Why join the OGS? Three big reasons! The OGS has always been, and will continue to be, all about:

There are also no less than 21 additional member advantages:


NEW FOR 2018!  Current 2018 OGS Members can access the MyHeritage Library Edition throughout 2018 from the comfort of home for only $10.   For more information and to see what is available in the MyHeritage Library edition click HERE


NEW FOR 2018!  We are pleased to be able to offer OGS members substantial discounts on subscriptions to the UK’s Family Tree magazine – 30% discount on annual digital subscriptions (only 24.49 GBP) and a 2 year (26 issue) print subscription for 115 GBP (regularly 140 GBP). Subscribe today and get the experts with over 30 years of expertise and enjoy all of this every month: STEP-BY-STEP GUIDES on researching your ancestors; EXPERT problem-solving advice about the best ways to access new records; IN-DEPTH ARTICLES for the beginner or experienced genealogist, with essential sources and websites; LEARN how to access records both online and in the archives and use them to full advantage; INSPIRING READER STORIES and historical articles help to put your ancestors’ lives in context, bringing the past to life; EXCLUSIVE subscriber benefits in every issue including giveaways, discounts and competitions to win prizes


Receive our quarterly journal Families, providing an outlet for genealogical writing with an Ontario focus, as well as interesting articles about family history innovations and pursuits, and opportunities for researchers to solicit help with their genealogical brick walls.  Families also now includes our quarterly NewsLeaf which provides current information in the field of genealogy and information about Society events


NEW FOR 2018!  We are pleased to be able to offer all OGS members substantial discounts on subscriptions to History Scotland magazine – 50% discount on digital subscriptions and a 22% discount on print subscriptions. Published 6 times a year, History Scotland is the world’s premier Scottish history magazine,written by a team with a passion for the past, and enjoyed by thousands of readers around the world



FREE!! Attend our live Genealogy Webinars . OGS Webinars are open to all free of charge for the live presentation, while  OGS members can view the recorded Webinars at any time following the live presentation by logging in to the OGS website



OGS members are offered a DNA test from the UK’s LivingDNA for only $149.00 LivingDNA helps people to understand more about their ancestry by using state-of-the-art technology to link ancestry to regions in specific countries.


YourDNAGuide.com – You’ve done your DNA or are thinking about it. Confused? Diahan Southard at YourDNAGuide.com can help, with a 15% discount on all products and services




Get a member’s reduced registration cost to attend our Annual Conference with over 40 lectures and workshops to hone your skills.  OGS members also receive “member rates” to attend conferences of the Quebec Family History Society


The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society is the largest genealogical society in New York State and offers OGS members a 25% discount off the usual individual membership pricing.


Updated for 2018! Shop the Hound offers OGS members a 5% discount on anything in the store, including the famous Flip-Pal mobile scanner, 20% off Restore Picture-Fix software, and the IQ Massager Pro V Tens Stimulator for only $119.95.


Get access to the Members Corner section of the OGS website, including codes to take advantage of discounts offered by OGS Corporate partners; searchable digital copies of Families from 1962 to the present; access to   Branch or SIG Members Only pages with hundreds of databases, indices and digitized records; and previous OGS Webinars recordings since 2016


In addition to special free draws and promotions, members get a 10% discount on genealogy courses and packages, including eleven Certificate Programs, offered by the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.



Get a 50% discount on a Findmypast 12-month world Premium membership, with access to over 8 billion historical records.



Get a reduced OGS member rate when you apply for a certificate from one of our Heritage Societies or our Heritage Clubs.



DIGITAL TREASURES provides high quality Media Transfer Services for film, slides etc. Convert your old films and VCR tapes, snapshots and slides to digital before they deteriorate beyond recovery! Enjoy special OGS membership discounts.



Receive membership discounts when joining the British Columbia Genealogical Society. Many early Ontario settlers, or their offspring, headed west in search of land, gold and other riches. Follow your ancestors or their families to British Columbia.





Receive membership discounts when joining the Manitoba Genealogical Society. Many early Ontario settlers, or their offspring, headed west in search of land, gold and other riches. Follow your ancestors or their families to Manitoba.





Receive membership discounts when joining the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Many early Ontario settlers, or their offspring, headed west in search of land, gold and other riches. Follow your ancestors or their families to Saskatchewan.


Mark’s Work Wearhouse offers a “download & print” certificate to receive a 10% discount savings on many items.  You will need to present the certificate to the store.


Get special pricing from CDW, a leading provider of technology products and services for business, government and education.



Get 5% to 30% off of Budget Car Rental Rates


JSTOR for Family Research $50 OGS Member Discount. With access to more than 10 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines spanning 300 years, JSTOR connects researchers with scholarship from the leading academics worldwide.



OGS is the portal through which you can join any number of our 34 Branches and Special Interest Groups in order to take advantage of the materials that have been indexed or digitized for geographical regions of Ontario, and to research areas of special interest. Some Branches and SIGs have a Member’s Only section of their website in which many genealogical treasures reside. Branches/SIGs may offer members of OGS reduced rates for research and involvement in education programs. Each Branch/SIG has a small additional membership fee.

Note: For complete information on how to get special pricing from our partners, OGS Members must login to the OGS website, then select Resources > Member’s Corner > Member Advantage Codes.


Now, back to the question….

In the past few years, I have also heard the question, “But what do we get for our money?” OGS does have member benefits such as those mentioned above, as well as agreements with some other provincial societies and FindMyPast to provide reduced rates, and is working to arrange more; however, the truth of the matter is, the people joining now do not join because of the benefits. They, like our previous and many current OGS members, join to be a part of an organization that works on behalf of family historians. They recognize skills they have and offer to use them to serve OGS and the genealogical community by supporting its Branches/SIGs, projects and advocacy.

People can gather information online, but they soon realize it is not all there, or they do not know if what they have is their “family line”, or do not understand how to use or organize the data they have located. OGS may not be the first place they come any more, but after they have found “the low-hanging fruit” they join to find out what else there is and to connect with people who have learned from their own errors and are ready and willing to lead and share that knowledge. They join to help make a difference by offering their background skills and knowledge in leadership, technology or many other volunteer roles.

OGS is a membership-driven organization but it is also a service organization. Some members join for a short while to get all they feel they need and move on. Many others did and still join in order to better equip The Society in meeting its mission and objectives. Many see the vision of OGS to be so important that they donate their dollars to its projects. Others donate their time and skills. Like other service clubs whose members work together to serve their communities’ greatest needs by promoting service, fellowship, values, or pride, our organization works together for the community of genealogists.

So, why belong to OGS? Why wouldn’t you! Please consider how you fit into an organization that believes in these values and principles and that strives to meet your family history needs.