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We professionally open, restore and service all the above gun protected manufacturers and extra! Apprehensive about "chatter" on the gun safe web boards about EMP, or Electro Magnetic Pulse, and your gun protected not having the ability to be opened after a detonation? We can change your digital safe lock to a mechanical "dial type" safe lock and even install a "redundant" safe lock which has both locks built-in into one. The benefit and speed of unlocking a digital sack and likewise the dependability of a mechanical safe lock. So, which lock is better? Mechanical or Digital (also known as digital) safe lock? Whereas digital safe locks supply quick entry into your secure they usually only have a lifespan of lower than 5 years. And when your electronic safe lock fails it is most likely when the safe is locked. Generally it is only a keypad failure and they can be opened and changed with out drilling whereas other instances it's the lock itself and your safe will require drilling with the intention to open it. Not many bad issues can happen to a mechanical safe lock until the mixture is lost, the lock is abused or there's a problem from lack of servicing. Sure, safe locks and the safe itself need periodic servicing. Call us for more data!