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The Society recognizes the importance of every Family Historian to be able to manage and know what their personal information is being used for. With this the Society continues to develop the “My Account” Page, where you can change things like your address, email address and reset your password.As well in this page you can find out what Branches/SIGs you belong too.

We have now just released the ability to find your MyHeritage Code without digging though email from when you registered.

Features you will find:

  1. Manage Personal Information
  2. Manage Password
  3. Manage Email Address
  4. Find out what Branches/SIGs you are part of.
  5. Membership Type and Expiry.
  6. Personal Information retrieval and GDPR Requests
  7. Shortcuts to important features of the Website.
  8. Marketplace Cart
  9. MyHeritage Library Code
  10. Conference 2019 Registration Shortcut

Please find further information within our Privacy Policy at –

Thanks for your continued support!


2 thoughts on “Your Information – My Account Page

  1. Please change my mailing address to
    6366 Blossom Trail Drive,Greely,ON.,K4P0B1.
    Theold address was:
    4868 Opeongo Rd.,POBox 1509,RR3,Woodlawn,ON.,K0A3M0.
    Thank you.
    Richard F. Robertson. member no.1440

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