Church Records

Blenheim & District Anglican Baptisms 1864-1933

ISBN 1-55116-332-2  $14.00

A wealth of information from the registers of the Anglican Church of Blenheim & District. Includes names of parents, sponsors, minister 97 pages/cerlox bound.

Blenheim & District Anglican Burials 1864-1930

ISBN 1-55116-324-7  $8.00

From the registers of the Anglican Church of Blenheim & District. Includes age, date of death, date of burial, residence, profession, clergyman, and cemetery.

Blenheim & District Anglican Marriages 1864-1933

ISBN 1-55116-326-8  $12.00

From the registers of the Anglican Church of Blenheim & District. Includes place of marriage, parents, witnesses, minister. 45 pages/cerlox bound.

Blenheim Methodist Church Marriage Register 1896-1923

ISBN 1-55116-293-8  $10.00

Transcribed from the registers. Includes age, residence, place of birth and parents of bride and groom. Includes witnesses. Indexed/39 pages/cerlox bound.

Blenheim Erskine Presbyterian Church Marriages 1896-1925

ISBN 1-7779-1272-4  $8.00

Includes age, place of birth, parents, witnesses.

Chatham Primitive Methodist Church Marriages 1860-1883

ISBN 1-55075-779-2  $6.00

A funding aid to detailed transcriptions from records located at United Church archives in Toronto. A chronological listing.

Dresden Presbyterian Church Marriages 1881-1908

ISBN 1-55075-694-X  $6.00

A chronological listing of baptisms and an alphabetical listing of names. This is a quick reference or finding aid to further information available on microfilm.

Early Chatham Presbyterian Marriages 1848-1869

ISBN 1-55075-778-4 $8.00

Information extracted from the original marriage register of the early Presbyterian Church of Chatham.

Harwich Township and Vicinity Marriages 1870-1876

ISBN 1-55075-692-3  $6.00

Listed in alphabetical order. A collection of entries discovered by Kent Branch researchers while digging through records at Harwich Township offices.

Kent County Marriages 1857-1869

ISBN 1-55116-309-8  $45.00 plus postage and handling

Originally published as Kent County Marriage Registers, this exceptional reference work has been completely revised to include witnesses, chronological listing of marriages, a selection of suggested alternate spellings of surnames or interpretations of the way in which they appeared in the original, and complete surname index. In the process of researching and checking the sources more than 240 marriages were discovered that had not been in the original registers. These have been included and are the reason for the change in the title. Thousands of names from the critical period in the history of Kent County. 451 pages/Volume I, II/cerlox bound.

Kent County Names in the Ontario Vital Stats Marriage Register Index 1869-1911

ISBN 0-7779-1274-0  $49.00 – Book of Vital Stats include #s’, dates and spouses.

ISBN 0-7779-1275-9  $29.00 – CD of Vital Stats include #s’, dates and spouses.

Over 33,000 names indexed.

Lost in Lambton County

ISBN 1-55116-347-0  $3.00

Some Kent County names extracted from the Lambton County Marriage Register 1858-1869.

Lost in Middlesex

ISBN 1-55075-741-5  $6.00

Kent County names extracted from the Middlesex County Marriage Register 1849-1869.

Moravian Indian Church Baptismal Register 1800-1912

ISBN 0-7779-1263-5  $20.00

Transcribed by Shirley Godfree; some mother’s maiden names included.

Old St. Paul’s Chatham 1829-1841

ISBN 1-155075-777-6  $15.00

Earliest Kent County Anglican records discovered to date. Transcriptions of original birth, marriage, and burial records. 48 pages/cloth bound.

Park Street Methodist Marriages 1858-1890

ISBN 1-155075-693-1  $12.00

A chronological index of transcriptions from marriage registers at United Church Archives in Toronto. Includes soundex. This was originally the Kent Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, one of Chatham’s oldest congregations. cerlox bound.

Presbyterian Church Records

ISBN 1-155075-739-1  $8.00

Marriages 1896-1900. Baptisms 1866-1901. Botany, Thamesville and Reserve Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Kent County. A finding aid to more complete transcriptions available through the LDS church.

St. John’s Church of Sandwich 1802-1827

ISBN 1-155075-747-4  $12.00

A chronological listing of baptisms, marriages, and burials, including parents, witnesses, and sponsors occurring within the First Church of England in the Western District in the Province of Upper Canada. People including the military journeyed long distances to attend the services, hence many references to military rank and unity. A truly valuable research aid to anyone which Kent or Essex roots. Published jointly by the Kent and Essex branches of the OGS. 88 pages/cerlox bound.

United Presbyterian Church of Blenheim & Harwich Baptisms 1855-1887

ISBN 1-155116-291-1  $10.00

The body of the baptismal record indexed alphabetically by surname of the child receiving the sacrament. Includes date of birth, date and place of the event, names of parents and their residence and maiden name of mother. Indexed/36 pages/cerlox bound.

United Presbyterian Church of Blenheim & Harwich Marriages 1854-1894

ISBN 1-155116-311-X  $10.00

These marriages are presented alphabetically by surname of the groom. Marriages were performed at the residence of Rev. A. W. Waddell in Blenheim or at homes or places or worship throughout South Harwich and including an area stretching from Troy to Tilbury and Valletta. Includes age, residence, place of birth of bride and groom, parents names, witnesses and their residences. Includes chronological listing of marriages. Indexed/60 pages/cerlox bound.

Wallaceburg Presbyterian Church 1882-1905

ISBN 1-55075-743-1  $8.00

A chronological listing of baptisms from 1882-1902. A chronological listing of marriages from 1896-1905. Includes an alphabetical listing of names. The listing of baptisms shows only the name of the person baptized and the father’s name. The marriage listing shows only the names of the bride and groom. Indexed/60 pages/cerlox bound.

Wayne County Marriages 1839-1869

ISBN 1-55116-322-5  $10.00

People from Kent County Ontario who were married in Wayne County Michigan. Includes parents, witnesses, name of minister.

Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register Kent-County 1836-1901

ISBN 0-7779-2039-5  $20.00

Entries from Kent County on the four reels of film held by the United Church of Canada/Victoria University Archives.