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Family Day Quiz Results

In last week’s quiz we asked you about a range of things from dancing to cinema.  The list is too long to put in here, but if you click this link you can read the responses to the first four categories.  Next week we’ll cover the others. 1a     What is your favourite type of dancing? Waltz Jive Disco Rockabilly Cheek to cheek Macarena Free form dancing Polka, step-dancing Square dancing Line dancing 1920s Comments: I loved to watch my parents […]

Family Day Quiz

In the lead-up to Family Day in Ontario our Ontario Ancestors social media platforms have been posting activities and seeking input from our followers.  Since some readers of eWeekly Update aren’t active on social media, we decided to share the fun! Below are the messages posted each day – with a video link related to the topic – and a question for each day. Have fun!  Happy Family Day!  Click here to take part in the Quiz.

eWeekly Survey December 12th

On December 5th we asked about “Your Heritage in the Holidays”.  We received 151 responses – thank you! Most respondents practice traditions from their ancestral heritage as part of their holiday celebrations. The cultures represented were an interesting mix, predominantly British Isles and Ireland, followed by Germany and France, Europe and indigenous peoples.  Left out of our choices were the United States, Caribbean, The Middle East and Asia, and for that we apologize. For many of you the most important […]

eWeekly Survey December 5th

On November 28th we asked “How will you celebrate the holidays this year?”  We received 158 responses – thank you! Most respondents will celebrate with only their immediate household, while 26% of you will use technology such as FaceTime or Zoom to connect with others.  When asked what will be different this year, you noted reduced gathering sizes, not visiting friends and neighbours, and reduced numbers of gatherings.  As one respondent said, “We have two daughters, one son-in-law, two adult […]

eWeekly Survey November 28th

On November 21st we asked for your ideas to help us build an exciting Conference 2021.  We received 112 responses – thank you! Of those who attended last year’s virtual conference (22% of respondents) most attended three or more days.  Most of you felt that one hour was the preferred length of time for a session, but that varied dependent on in-person or online events. The top three topics you would like to learn about were DNA, land records, and […]