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eWeekly Survey October 17th

On October 3rd we asked you about top innovations in genealogy-related technologies and we reported on some of the ideas shared by the 192 people who responded.  Unfortunately, we posted an incorrect link for you… Keep reading

Grow Our Family Campaign To Return for 2021

Ontario Ancestors’ Grow Our Family membership campaign will return once again for the 2021 year.  Any member of the Society renewing their membership can receive a 50% discount on their membership fees simply by bringing… Keep reading

eWeekly Survey October 3rd

Last week we asked you about iconic locations and buildings – the importance you place on visiting them, the types of places that you have missed visiting, and whether you will do that once restrictions… Keep reading

eWeekly Survey September 26th

Last week we asked you about about blogs – whether you read them, whether you write one (or more), and whose blogs you enjoy reading!  We received 101 responses – thank you! Not many of… Keep reading