The Ontario Genealogical Society, a Canadian Registered Charity founded in 1961, is the largest member-supported family history society in Canada. Our Mission is to encourage, bring together and assist those interested in the pursuit of family history and to preserve our Ontario genealogical heritage.

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Planning for Genealogical Research and Recording in 2018

Wow! I am impressed with myself. During the hiatus between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, I took time to assess how well I did at accomplishing my genealogical goals and plans for 2017. Now… Keep reading

Real Genealogy Stories

Real Genealogy Stories Erin Strouth, Senior Archivist, Archives of Ontario Are you a genealogist with an interesting story tied to your family genealogy? Would you love to have an opportunity to share your genealogy story… Keep reading

MyHeritage Library Edition

New in January!! Starting January 1, OGS members will be able to access the MyHeritage Library Edition from the comforts of their own homes. The MyHeritage Library Edition, similar to the Ancestry Library Edition which is… Keep reading

Reflecting on a Year of Research and Writing in 2017

On the eve of the holiday season and with 2018 looming on the horizon, I reflected on the progress in my genealogical research and writing in past year. In order to keep interested family involved… Keep reading