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Alan’s Genealogy Lists

December is the time of year when lists of the best of something are posted primarily to get you to buy items. My lists are for your information and I do not receive any renumeration… Keep reading

2020 Webinar Line-Up Announced

  Our Webinar Line-Up for 2020 is Here! Kim Barnstable, Webinar Co-ordinator Registration for these webinars will be open shortly on our website under the Education tab, and the line-up for the second half of… Keep reading

Getting the Most Benefit From a Research Trip to an Archive

I visited the Peel County Archives in Brampton on Friday, 1 November 2019. Sometimes visits to archives are exercises in finding what doesn’t exist but not this time. I did a “mini” happy dance because… Keep reading

Remembrance Day, November 11th-Remembering the Sacrifices

November 11th is the “official” time to remember those who sacrificed their lives on the field of battle, returned home ill, or gave up a chunk of their lives for the freedom that Canadians enjoy… Keep reading