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No Valentines but Wedding Ceremony Notices Are Plentiful

  I had planned to write about the older Valentine cards that I had in my collection of memorabilia but I discovered that they were birthday cards instead. Since Valentine’s Day cards and events often… Keep reading

OCAPG Website Hosted by Ontario Ancestors

  The Ontario Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (OCAPG) is pleased to announce that it has accepted an offer of free hosting from Ontario Ancestors for its website The OCAPG website has… Keep reading

Shaver Family Cemetery

Other Known Names: Duff’s Corners Cemetery Street Address:        1156 Highway No. 2. Location: Lot 35, Concession 3, Ancaster Type of Cemetery: Family (Shaver) Responsible Agency: Private Status for Burials: Closed for burials Plot Plan: None… Keep reading

Achieving My Genealogical Goals in 2020- Research in English, American, and Australian Records

  As much as I try to return to talking about research in Ontario for the benefit of researchers with that interest, I am frequently foiled. What started out as research of a Petrolia, Ontario… Keep reading