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Where Were My Parents? – The National Registration in Canada in 1940

Although I attended Terry Schwan’s presentation “How I Broke Through a Brick Wall Using the National Registration of 1940” at the 2019 Ontario Ancestors Conference at London, Ontario, I did not at that time seek… Keep reading

A Stalwart Pioneer Woman- Martha Rachel (Bolton) Atkey

  This blog was written in celebration of International Women’s Day, a celebration that should encompass more than one day or a month. Although difficult to do at times, I like to build the stories… Keep reading

Board of Director Candidates Wanted 2020-2022

  Seeking Talented Members of Ontario Ancestors  Are you a member of Ontario Ancestors? Are you looking for a challenge, an opportunity to work with great people, and a chance to be on the leading edge… Keep reading

Taking In Another Genealogical Society’s Meeting

  About the time that you are reading this blog post our Delta flight out of Fort Myers, Florida, will be touching down at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Mild exercise and shuffleboard play replaced a hectic… Keep reading