The Ontario Genealogical Society, a Canadian registered charity founded in 1961, is the largest member-supported family history organization in Canada. Our Mission is to encourage, bring together and assist those interested in the pursuit of family history and to preserve our Ontario genealogical heritage.

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LAC Completes CEF Service Files Digitization

Congratulations and Thank You to Library and Archives Canada – Digitization of 620,000 First World War personnel files The Ontario Genealogical Society On Wednesday, August 8th, Library and Archives Canada announced the completion of a… Keep reading

Age is a Relative Thing

In my previous blog, What Census Records Do or Don’t Tell Us, I noted the need to systematically follow a family through the censuses in order to try to come to an accurate record of… Keep reading

What Census Records Do or Don’t Tell Us

The 1851 Canada West Census for Wellington County, Eramosa Township captured the family of my 2X great grandfather, Andrew Sims: Andrew Sims, farmer, born Ireland, Methodist Episcopalian, age 50 Elizabeth Sims, born Ireland, Methodist Episcopalian,… Keep reading

Are You a Genealogical Researcher Role Model?

Reading a post on Facebook by a genealogy friend about one of her kittens who had jumped onto a shelf in a closet and ‘encountered several boxes of family history memorabilia” prompted this blog post.1… Keep reading