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Researching in the 1926 Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta

There is no worse hell for a genealogist than being out of country with limited access to the Internet when a new indexed records collection goes public. I was cruising in the Far East at… Keep reading

Dell Semi-Annual Sale!

Dell Canada is an Ontario Ancestors partner company. Dell offers Ontario Ancestors members a discount on Dell products. Dell’s Semi-Annual Sale is on until March 28, and Ontario Ancestors members can save an additional 5%… Keep reading

Register Now: Free Webinar with Tammy Tipler-Priolo

Join us with Tammy Tipler-Priolo on Thursday April 4th at 7 pm as she presents “Donkeys, Ships & Trains…One Italian Immigrant’s Journey to Ontario” This webinar traces the immigration path of one Italian Immigrant, from… Keep reading

Reading the Background Information for Record Sets Can Reduce Frustration

As genealogists and family history researchers you are probably frustrated in your research on occasion if you have the experiences that I do. Sometimes we cause our own frustration because we do not read the… Keep reading