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Straying Back to Genealogical Research in Ontario

Just as I was approaching the end of my research for my revised Campbell family book I had the urge to temporarily abandon it and begin work again on my Bolton family history book. I… Keep reading

Genealogical Reflection Prior to the 2019 Ontario Ancestors Conference

As the facilitator for the Ask a Genealogist program at the 2019 Ontario Ancestors Conference in London, Ontario, I have come to realize that my genealogical “black holes” pale in comparison to those of other… Keep reading

Getting the Most Out of Attendance at the 2019 Ontario Ancestors Conference at London

Open admission. This blog post is a revised version of the post that I made prior to the 2018 OGS Conference in Guelph, Ontario. Most of the content did not need to be changed as… Keep reading

Continued Advocacy – Supporting our Library Partners

This week, I was given the opportunity to attend a Press Conference arranged by Jill Andrew, MPP for Toronto-St. Paul’s. She was looking to bring attention to the issues surrounding access through the inter-library loan… Keep reading