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eWeekly Survey November 28th

On November 21st we asked for your ideas to help us build an exciting Conference 2021.  We received 112 responses – thank you! Of those who attended last year’s virtual conference (22% of respondents) most… Keep reading

eWeekly Survey for November 21st

On November 14th we asked you about your Winter Holiday Traditions.  We received 165 responses – thank you! An overwhelming majority of respondents feel it is very important to keep up family traditions that have… Keep reading

eWeekly Survey November 14th

On November 7th we asked you about your top Canadian genealogists, historians and authors.  Thank you to everyone who responded. Those you have most enjoyed hearing from include: Lesley Anderson, Michael Bliss, Ruth Burkholder, Alan… Keep reading

eWeekly Survey November 7th

On October 31st we asked you about preserving your family history through the next generation.  We received 210 responses!  Thank you! 85% of respondents plan to pass on their materials to the next generation, but… Keep reading