Board Vice President

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The Ontario Genealogical Society
Position Description for the Vice President

  • Two-year term, with possibility of a second term
  • Elected by Members at the AGM in even numbered years

Key Responsibilities
  • The Vice President will engage in the work of the Board with a high standard of Board conduct compliant with the policies and the By-Laws of the Society and in accordance with the agreed Board Norms of Behavior. The President has a Duty of Confidentiality; Duty of Loyalty (to declare any relationships or situations that represent a conflict of interest); and Duty of Care (to act in the best interests of the OGS).
  • Acts as the President in his or her absence
  • Reports to and works closely with the President to assist with his or her duties
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the President
  • The Vice President will serve on one or more committees and/or teams of the Society
  • The Vice President will take lead responsibility for and actively contribute to one or more portfolios of Board Work
  • The Vice President will develop a personal annual mandate for their contribution to the Society
  • The Vice President will be an ambassador for and actively help the Society to secure adequate resources to support and sustain the organization by encouraging their network to join, donate, volunteer and participate in the activities of the Society
  • The Vice President will regularly report on their Board work/portfolios and committees/teams
  • The Vice President will prepare for and actively contribute to meetings, sharing knowledge, providing opinions and offering advice.
  • The Vice President will have an active relationship with one or more Branches or Special Interest Groups of the Society
  • Prior experience working as a member of a Board of Directors
  • Experience working collaboratively in a team
  • Expertise, Skills & Experience in several key areas: Financial Management, Accounting, Fundraising & Giving, Leadership & Strategic Planning, Governance, Legal, Project Management, Communications & Marketing
  • Should share a passion for family history/genealogy
  • Must be a member of the OGS by the time of the Annual General Meeting
  • Must complete the OGS Confidentiality Agreement; Code of Conduct; and Conflict of Interest Policy and Acknowledgement documents
Time Commitment
  • Approximately 6-8 hours per week

Vice President Position Description – Last Updated & Approved: January 9, 2024