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Everyone has ideas for their genealogy projects: write a family history; join a lineage society; or scan boxes of family photos. How do you decide which to do? How do know how much time each project takes? Goal setting, time estimation, and backwards planning can help you regain control of your time and help you complete your genealogy projects.

  • SMART goal setting
  • Nesting your goals
  • Time estimation techniques
  • Prioritizing without emotion
  • Backwards planning
  • Re-evaluation and re-focusing
  • Visualization and capturing results
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Cynthia Patton

Cynthia K. Patton is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and former owner of Patton Leadership Consulting. Cynthia has a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Master’s in Political Science, both from the University of Southern Mississippi. She lives now in Kansas City, Missouri and is a Professional Genealogist part-time. She is a BU Certification Program graduate and also serves as the Registrar of a local DAR Chapter in Parkville, Missouri. She is a member of APG (Heartland Chapter); NGS; and numerous local Historical and Genealogical Societies. She has written two Pro Tip articles for the APG eNews on Work-Life Balance and Time Management and has presented for numerous historical, genealogical, and other organizations..