Canadian Genealogist published 38 quarterly issues, from 1979 to 1988 (there are only two issues in 1988, four issues in each other year). It marked a serious attempt by Editors George and Elizabeth Hancocks to find Canadian genealogical data from elsewhere than central Canada, where the Ontario Genealogical Society was making major strides in finding and publishing family history material. The editors of CG made it their business to visit locations throughout Canada and the northern United States, and to seek out  genealogists and family historians wherever they went.

They were amazed and delighted to find an organized and  growing interest in family history wherever they went, and made lifelong friendships with genealogists, many of which have continued on the Internet, even though financial circumstances resulted in the discontinuance of the magazine. That is why the editors are pleased by the effort made by Ontario Ancestors to present all 38 issues of the publication in easily accessible .pdf format.

You may download any of this information for your personal use, but please remember that copyright of the material resides with the editors of the magazine, and with the authors of the submissions. You may not make any of this material public, either in print or electronic form, without written permission from the editors of the original magazine. If you make reference to the material for research purposes in papers, documents or family histories, accurate footnotes would be appreciated, both by the editors of the magazine and the original authors of the submissions. There are annual indexes available in the files for all but the last two years.