The Definition & Purpose of the Stray Database
A Stray is a person who is recorded in an event that took place somewhere other than their place of Origin. The location of the event must be outside the County of Origin. For example a person who was born in Meaford, Grey County and died in Owen Sound, Grey County would not be a stray as both locations are in the same County. For the purposes of the Ontario Strays Project one of these locations must be in the Province of Ontario. For example; a person who was born in Edmonton, Alberta and married in Ottawa, Ontario is a Stray as is someone who was married in Windsor, Ontario and died in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Strays can be found in many records including; Vital Records (Births, Marriages or Deaths), Newspapers, Census Returns, Grave Markers, Land Records, Biographies, Burial Registers and local History Books. Events can include the following; Births, Baptisms, Graduations, Marriages, Anniversaries, Deaths, Funerals and Burials. To a genealogist working on the Ontario family, this person just disappears, with, at best, a family story that he “went west”. This is a common genealogical brick wall. The Strays Index breaks down that brick wall.

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