TONI currently has 13,760,127 records indexed.
The search methodology has changed. Please read How to Search. Tell us what you think.

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About TONI

TONI (The Ontario Name Index) shows where information about a particular name can be found. TONI is an index, it does NOT contain the information, just tells you where to find the information.

TONI contains references to the source resources. Some of these resources are reference documents held by Ontario Ancestors itself, its branches or other institution’s reference link. Ontario Ancestors is grateful to the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project, Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University for allowing us to share their index of the Digital Atlas Project with us.

Some books and similar items are available to purchase from the Ontario Ancestors Marketplace or other sites. Some are small snippets of information available from the Ontario Ancestors as Pay per View items (PPV) and can only be ordered via the TONI system.

Using TONI is free and open to all. Some of the sources that TONI refers to are also free and open to all. But some of the items may have to be purchased from our Marketplace or other organizations. These items are clearly identified before any costs will be incurred.

Pay per View

PPV allows you, at low cost, to view only the pertinent information about a TONI-indexed name. Some PPV items are one or more pages from a larger book, a scan of a newspaper or similar item, or the digitized transcript of a tombstone inscription.

How to use TONI

If you have added items to your shopping cart, either by selecting PPV items or selecting other items from the Marketplace you need to complete your order to receive the items. If you have added items to your cart, the number of items and their net value will show in the top of the webpage.

Click on it at anytime to review your selections and to complete your order.

The Order Process

  • When you add a PPV item to your cart, the item includes a Reference notation. This is the name of the specific item you will be receiving. An example of a reference is PPV:ARN1a-Vh58.pdf:
  • Once your order is complete you will receive an email with the requested PPV item(s)attached.

If you would like to volunteer to work on TONI, please contact the Society TONI Coordinator at

How to Search

To find specific records, enter a search term in one or more columns and press Enter. The search will find all entries which contain the search term.

There are currently 13,760,127 records available.   If you don’t see what you are looking for, try more detail in your search.

If you have a problem with accessing TONI or a problem with purchasing PPV items, please send an email to

You can search by Record Type or Repository by clicking on the Down Arrow in the Title Box and selecting one of the choices; you can search the other columns by typing in the Heading Box beside the magnifying glass and press Enter to start a search.

Dates are supposed to be only 4 digit years, but many records are either missing date information or the date does not conform to expected 4 digit pattern. Enter only a four digit year in the Year column. Wild cards can also be applied. See below.

All searches are case-insensitive so that searching for John is the same as john or JOHN.

The wildcard symbol % will work for searches within a name, i.e. Sm%th will find Smith, Smyth or Smooth.

A single character wild card is the underscore character ‘_‘.

The Results

At the top of the Results are buttons that will allow you to download the displayed Information as a CSV file, a PDF file or text in your Clipboard.

You can Sort the results by any of the columns by clicking on the arrows beside each Title. If you hold Shift and click on a second column you can sort on both columns.

You can view more information about the Results by clicking on the `More…’ to the right of each line; then:

  • If the item is available in the Marketplace, you can select the full publication with `Buy Now’ in the Marketplace, and/or
  • If the item is available as a PPV item, you can add it to your shopping cart with Add to Cart.
  • The `Information’ Button will give you more information on the specific source.
  • You may be taken to an External Website; we have no control over these sites and cannot make changes. If the link does not work initially, please wait a few minutes and try again. If the link still does not work, please contact with details of the person searched.

NOTE: Press Enter on your keyboard to start a search.

WARNING!!! some devices are using autocomplete to add an unexpected trailing space to search words. If you encounter unexpected poor searches, check for an invisible space at the end of the search word(s). We are working on a better solution.

SurnameFirstnameLocationRecord TypeYearRepository
SurnameFirstnameLocationRecord TypeYearRepository

If you would like to volunteer to work on TONI, please contact the Society’s TONI Coordinator at