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Street Address: 1925 Governor’s Road

Location: Lot 32, Concession 1, Ancaster

Type of Cemetery: Religious (Methodist Episcopal), Municipal

Responsible Agency: City of Hamilton

Status for Burials: Open for Burials          Plot Plan: None

Size:         Small, 116 monuments

Fencing: Hedgerow and wire with open section Monument Types:              Flat, upright and column Monuments of: Marble, and granite

The cemetery is located on Governor’s Road (Highway #99) in the town of Copetown, just east of the intersection with Highway #52.

Date of Opening: 1826


 The land was originally registered as a Crown Patent to Andrew Templeton on September 1, 1797. In 1825, when the property was owned by James Waugh, one acre was sold to the Copetown Methodist Episcopal Church. The first burial was for James Hunt in 1826. By 1854 the church building was moved to a new location, as the original location by the cemetery was deemed to be too close to the railroad. By 1970, the Copetown Cemetery was under the care of the Town of Ancaster, and is currently maintained by the City of Hamilton.