Discover Scottish Civil Registration Records


This guide from family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the vast world of Scottish civil registration records.

52 pages, Digital (.pdf) Download Only

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Discover Scottish Civil Registration Records

Chris Paton, 2013, Publisher: Unlock the Past
52 pages, Digital (.pdf) Download Only

This guide from family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the vast world of Scottish civil registration records. Scotland commenced the statutory registration of births, marriages and deaths within the country in 1855, second seventeen and half years after a similar process had already got underway in England and Wales.

The information lost to the family historian by such a last start is, however, more than made up for by the fact that Scottish registration records are the most detailed of all those found within the British Isles.

But what was the law behind Scottish registration, and how did it differ to England, Wales and Ireland? Who was legally obliged to do what and when, what were the penalties for default, and how might such knowledge help with our ancestral research? Why were all the forms of Scottish irregular marriage not abolished in 1939, and what angered the country’s doctors? Where are the records not found online via ScotlandsPeople, such as those for adoption, vaccination, civil partnerships and divorce – and what vital records does the General Register Office in England hold for Scots as far back at the 1760s, and far beyond Britain’s shores?


Part 1—Civil registration in Scotland
Establishment of civil registration
– Registration of births
– Illegitimacy
– Locating birth records
– Minor records of birth
– Stillbirths
– Adoption
– Locating vaccination records
– Registration of regular marriage
– Irregular marriage
– Registration of irregular marriage
– Introduction of civil marriage
– Same sex marriage
– Locating marriage records
– Minor records of marriage
– Other marriage records
– Divorce
Registration of deaths
– Medical certificates
– Locating death records
– Minor records of death
– Registers of Corrected Entries
– The Book of Scottish Connections

Part 2—Registration in the British Isle
England and Wales
– Births
– Marriages
– Divorce
– Deaths
– Locating English and Welsh records
British overseas and military records
– Locating Irish records
Crown dependencies

Appendix 1—Glossary
Appendix 2—Further reading
Appendix 3—English and Welsh BMD indexes in Australia and New Zealand
– Australia
– New Zealand


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