Hamilton_Lynden United Church Cemetery – Revised to 2009


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CEM 116-Rev_lynden_cemeteryStreet Address: 956 Lynden Rd

Street Address: Lynden Road

Location: Lot 13, Concession 1, Ancaster

Type of Cemetery: Religious (Methodist/United)

Responsible Agency: City of Hamilton

Status for Burials: Open for burials, but no plots for sale Plot Plan: None

Size: Small, 230 monuments

Fencing: Hedgerow with open section Monument Types: Flat, upright and columns

Lynden United Cemetery is located in the town of Lynden just south of Old Highway #99 on Lynden Road.

The Lynden United Cemetery was established in 1895.There are still a few interments in the cemetery but there are no lots available to be purchased.

Date of Opening: 1832


 The Lynden Cemetery has been open since 1832, when Henrietta Sutton, wife of early Ancaster settler, Christopher Almas was buried there. Located on the south side of the Governor’s Road, the cemetery is located on property that was associated with a Methodist Episcopal congregation. A log church was erected here in 1831 and a frame one in 1851. The congregation moved into a new brick church in 1870, north of the Governor’s Road and across the township line, in Beverly Township. The old church was eventually demolished to provide additional burial space for the congregation.

The cemetery has always been associated with the Methodist Church and then with the United Church, after the Church Union in 1924. It was one of the first cemeteries in Ancaster Township to come under the control of the Township of Ancaster Cemetery Board when it was established in 1953.