Ireland in Your PJs | Andrea Lister

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July 11, 2024 7:00 pm ET – sponsored by the Ireland Special Interest Group

Not all of the Irish records were burnt. Join Andrea for an overview of Irish records that are available and that you can research online.

Everyone has heard the story that all the Irish records were burnt or that you can only research your family if you travel there. However, times have changed and it is possible to do a considerable amount of research online, at home, in your pyjamas. The overview includes, how to find clues in North American records that help you narrow your Irish search parameters; a little history; good starting places; and a survey of different record sets.
Level of knowledge: Intermediate

Andrea Lister

Andrea Lister is a historian whose ancestors came from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany and settled in North America as early as 1620 and as recently as 1923. She is the principal of Absolutely Literate, focussed on researching and sharing community history. She has been writing, editing, and teaching about sharing history for more than two decades.

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