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The Ontario Genealogical Society is governed by a Board of four officers (President, Vice President, Vice President Finance, Secretary) four to six Directors at Large, and the Past President. The Board sets policy which is carried out by the President, the Executive Director and staff. Each of our 29 Branches and 5 Special Interest Groups (SIG) operates independently within guidelines established by Bylaws and the Board.

Bylaws are approved by the members of the Ontario Genealogical Society (Bylaws). Each Branch and SIG is governed by the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures unless they choose to adopt operating policies of their own, which may not be inconsistent with the Bylaws. Policy development is directed by a number of committees (Bylaws, Policy and Procedures, Elections, Technical Support and Innovation, Finance, Awards, Research, Cemeteries and Library), each of which reports to the Board. Strategic Planning is undertaken by the Board as a committee of the whole.

Board of Directors | Standing Committees | Operational Committees

Board of Directors, 2022-2023
PresidentHeidi Deschenes (heidi.deschenes@ogs.on.ca)
Vice-PresidentPaul Goodyear (paul.goodyear@ogs.on.ca)
Vice-President, FinanceRay Wright (vpfinance@ogs.on.ca)
Corporate SecretaryAnne Currie-O’Brien (secretary@ogs.on.ca)
Past PresidentHeather McTavish Taylor (heather.mctavish.taylor@ogs.on.ca)
Directors at LargeBen Dawson (ben.dawson@ogs.on.ca)
Dianna Fulton (dianna.fulton@ogs.on.ca)
Colleen L’Abbe (colleen.labbe@ogs.on.ca)
Kathryn Lake Hogan (kathryn.lake.hogan@ogs.on.ca)
Heather Oakley (heather.oakley@ogs.on.ca)
Standing Committees
Our committees are always looking for fresh faces and new ideas. If you are interested in getting involved in an Ontario Ancestors committee, contact either the committee chair or the Society Office. (ed@ogs.on.ca).
Bylaws, Policy and ProceduresAnne Currie-O’Brien (secretary@ogs.on.ca)
ElectionsTBA (elections@ogs.on.ca)
Technical Support and InnovationSteve Fulton, UE (tsic@ogs.on.ca)
Strategic PlanningHeather McTavish Taylor (heather.mctavish.taylor@ogs.on.ca)
FinanceRay Wright (vpfinance@ogs.on.ca)
Operational Committees
TONI (The Ontario Name Index)Mike More (toni@ogs.on.ca)
Awards CommitteeHeather Oakley (awards@ogs.on.ca)
Conference Advisory CommitteeHeather McTavish Taylor (heather.mctavish.taylor@ogs.on.ca)
Archival and Library CommitteeFran Murphy (library@ogs.on.ca)
ResearchResearch Team (research@ogs.on.ca)
Society Cemeteries CommitteeCoral Harkies (ogscemeteries@ogs.on.ca)
Families PublicationHeather McTavish Taylor (families@ogs.on.ca)
Marketing TeamMegan Houston (ed@ogs.on.ca)