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The Ontario Genealogical Society – Ontario Ancestors is governed by a Board of no fewer than nine (9) elected Directors and no more than eleven (11) elected directors, as well as two appointed members that include the Immediate Past President who is appointed a voting member of the Board, and the Executive Director who is an ex-officio member of the Board. The elected members of the Board are all Directors of the Board and shall include President, Vice-President, Vice President – Finance, Secretary and no fewer than five (5) but no more than seven (7) Directors-at-Large.

Bylaws are approved by the members of the Ontario Genealogical Society – Ontario Ancestors (Bylaws). Each Branch and SIG is governed by the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures unless they choose to adopt operating policies of their own, which may not be inconsistent with the Bylaws. Policy development is directed by a number of committees (Bylaws, Policy and Procedures, Elections, Technical Support and Innovation, Finance, Awards, Research, Cemeteries and Library), each of which reports to the Board. Strategic Planning is undertaken by the Board as a committee of the whole.

Board of Directors | Standing Committees | Operational Teams

Board of Directors, 2023-2024
PresidentHeidi Deschenes ([email protected])
Term 2022-2024
Term 2022-2024
Vice-President, FinanceRoger Robineau ([email protected])
Term 2023-2025
Corporate SecretaryAnne Currie-O’Brien ([email protected])
Term 2023-2025
Directors at LargePascal Calcarco ([email protected])
Term 2023-2025

Ben Dawson ([email protected])
Term 2022-2024

Dianna Fulton ([email protected])
Term 2023-2025

Charles Godwin ([email protected])
Term 2022-2024

Colleen L’Abbé ([email protected])
Term 2022-2024

Heather Oakley ([email protected])
Term 2022-2024

Anne Thornley-Brown ([email protected])
Term 2023-2025

Ray Wright ([email protected])
Term 2022-2024
 Executive Director (ex-officio member)Megan Houston ([email protected])
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Standing Committees 
Bylaws, Policy and ProceduresAnne Currie-O’Brien ([email protected])
ElectionsAnn Thornley-Brown ([email protected])
FinanceRoger Robineau ([email protected])
GovernancePaul Goodyear ([email protected])
TSICTBD ([email protected])
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Operational Teams 
Archival and Library TeamFran Murphy ([email protected])
Awards TeamHeather Oakley ([email protected])
Branch/SIG Support TeamColleen L’Abbé ([email protected])
Conference Advisory CommitteeHeather McTavish Taylor ([email protected])
Education TeamBen Dawson ([email protected])
E-Weekly Newsletter PublicationPatti Mordasewicz ([email protected])
Families PublicationHeather McTavish Taylor ([email protected])
Research TeamResearch Team ([email protected])
Society Cemeteries TeamCoral Harkies ([email protected])
TONI (The Ontario Name Index)Mike More ([email protected])
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