July Webinar | Unearthing the Treasures in the Irish Registry of Deeds | Natalie Bodle

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July 4, 2024 7:00 pm ET

The Registry of Deeds based in Dublin has survived intact since 1708 and it manages the legal registration of property.   

What is less well known is that it is also a repository for genealogical treasures such as wills, property leases, mortgages and marriage agreements.  People named in these records include the principal parties, lease holders, along with wider family members and witnesses to the deeds.  It is also possible to find records by location.  

Today, there are over 5million deeds with many more millions of names recorded in them. This really is a treasure trove but because it has been difficult to access, the deeds are a very under-used resource.  

Audience: advanced

The talk will include:  

  •    How and why the Registry of Deeds was set up 
  •    How the deeds were registered  
  •    People named in deeds 
  •    The different types of deeds to be found 
  •    Where to find the deeds and tips for searching 
  •    Demonstrate information to be found in the deeds using case studies of searches for people and places 

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