Shaver Family Cemetery


Other Known Names: Duff’s Corners Cemetery

Street Address:        1156 Highway No. 2.

Location: Lot 35, Concession 3, Ancaster

Type of Cemetery: Family (Shaver) Responsible Agency: Private

Status for Burials: Closed for burials Plot Plan: None

Size:         Small, 68 monuments

Fencing: Stone surrounding raised area Monument Types:         Flat, upright and column Monuments of: Marble and granite


Date of Opening: 1830


Heritage Designation By-Law #93-68, Part IV The Ontario Heritage Act

The Shaver family led by John Shaver, a United Empire Loyalist came, to the Ancaster area from New Jersey in 1789. His son, William Shaver, received 200 acres in Lot 35, Concession 3 in 1797. Following his death in 1830, he was buried on the family’s property. In 1848, William’s children chose this site, known as Shaver’s Glen, across the road from the Shaver homestead, as the location for their family cemetery. A raised and walled in area, roughly 20 feet by 20 feet, constructed of stone, became the boundary of the cemetery. Upon the wall is the inscription:


This cemetery was erected A.D. 1848 as a token of filial affection and respect by the 13 children of William and Mary Catherine Shaver, who settled this farm in 1798, it being then a wilderness.


The cemetery was in use until 1938 and was designated a Heritage Property by the Town of Ancaster in 1993.


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