Cemetery Vandalism and Rehabilitation Fund

Cemetery Vandalism and Rehabilitation Fund

The Ontario Genealogical Society is pleased to announce that it will be creating a fund dedicated to help support community efforts to repair damage to cemeteries incurred by acts of vandalism and for rehabilitation projects within cemeteries that are considered to have historical or cultural significance.

Vandalism in Ontario’s cemeteries has become a growing concern across the Province in recent years. There have been a number of news stories showcasing the senseless acts that are destroying monuments and large parts of some cemeteries. In the aftermath of such acts, the responsibility for repairs has mostly fallen upon the Cemetery organization to pay for the refurbishment of the grounds and headstones. In today’s society, it has become increasingly difficult for these organizations to come up with the additional un-planned funds required to undertake these repairs, often employing the use of volunteers and secondary organizations such as the Scouts Canada to assist them. Often these other organizations resort to fundraising on their own to support the efforts.

The Cemetery Committee of Ontario Ancestors proposed the creation of the “Cemetery Vandalism & Rehabilitation Fund” to support these small organizations in their efforts. The fund will be seeded with $5,000 to get it going and will be replenished through a separate donation system within “Canada Helps” platform. The cemetery committee and the Board of Directors will work to establish guidelines and an approval process whereby organizations in need can submit their requests for review through the Ontario Genealogy Society website at ogs.on.ca.

According to OGS President Steve Fulton UE: “OGS is excited to be able to play a role in the preservation of local cemeteries across the province alongside “The Boots on the Ground” people who are dedicated to our ancestors and their final resting place.” Joe Wilson, Chair of the Cemetery Committee, also expressed his appreciation for the establishment of this fund by saying: “Its not the Cemetery itself but what is contained within it, that needs to be protected. I am proud to be a member of an organization that is devoted to the advocacy and preservation of Ontario’s Cemeteries.”

To learn more about what Ontario Ancestors may fund, CLICK HERE, and to make an application for funding, CLICK HERE.

To make a donation to the Cemetery Vandalism and Rehabilitation Fund, please follow the link to the Canada Helps donation page at: https://ogs.on.ca/donate/cemetery-fund/

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