Help With Photos


Patti Mordaswicz, Editor, eWeekly Update

During the pandemic many of our readers have talked about organizing their photos, cleaning them up, and sharing them.  Our partner Vivid-Pix has a product that helps with all of these things, along with video tutorials to help us use this set of tools.

This week I sat down for a virtual chat with Vivid-Pix co-founder Rick Voight to learn more about the software and how it can help me to get my boxes full of photos under control.  It will also help with making some of my digital documents more easily readable, and allow me to add information to those digital files to make searching and tracking easier. 

You can watch the video here, and visit Vivid-Pix to learn more!  On their Education page they have many useful tutorials, tips and tricks!

Thank you, Rick and Vivid-Pix, for partnering with the genealogy community to further our joint goal of preserving family history.

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