Steve Fulton UE, President

Elected President of the Society in June 2018, Steve’s qualifications come in many forms from work, family, and volunteerism. One thing that ties them all together is service for others before himself. Steve has been a member of the Society since 2008, including Branch Chair of Niagara since 2009. In addition to serving as Vice-President of the Society from 2016-2018, Steve is the head of the Technological Support and Innovation Committee (TSIC).

Steve feels his one main goal is to empower volunteers to get the job done since they are giving so freely of their time. He has worked with many volunteers within the organization and realizes they are truly wonderful people who should be supported in their thoughts, ideas and work and encouraged in team-building. Steve has worked and brought together many different groups for the benefit of family history, building bridges and meeting new people. He is not one who likes to do the job twice and will go to great lengths to make things happen. Specific skills include marketing, technology, innovation, people skills, and project management. Steve believes that the Board should serve the members and the genealogical community in all they do. All items must be linked together by communication and technology. Relationship building among the historical and family research communities is also a priority. From the provincial level to the local level, we must empower our organization and volunteers to connect, build relationships and build and share ideas to strengthen our communities.  Steve lives in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Contact Steve: Email: Telephone: 1-855-697-6687  Ext: 259