TONI is an index of Ontario names, indicating where information about that person can be found.  Researchers will find a name of interest in TONI and will be directed to the location of  that information. The source does NOT have to be in Pay per View (PPV) or on-line but could be a book in your library or a publication for sale. This is an opportunity to advance the cause of genealogy and to promote OGS and the Branches/SIGs. Consider how indexing a document for TONI could help your Branch or SIG. If you would like to help with the TONI project or have any questions, contact me at .

The following are the files associated with TONI:

TONI Coordinators Instructions
TONI Indexing Instructions
TONI_Input_Spreadsheet (xls)
TONI_Input_Spreadsheet (xlsx)
TONI Military Abbreviations

Note: Some of these files will download as Read-Only; if you do not know how to fix this, email me at and I will send you an “open” version.