OGS prides itself on its services to its members and to the public. OGS offers guidance for your own research as well as information about the resources OGS has to offer for those doing genealogical research.

TONI – The Ontario Name Index

With more than 5.1 million records available, TONI shows where information about a particular name can be found.

Ontario Church Photo Collection

Help OGS build a free photo gallery of Ontario churches. Contribute your photos today…


A Stray is a person who is recorded in an event that took place somewhere other than their place of Origin. The location of the event must be outside the County of Origin.

Huguenot Collection

The Huguenot Collection contains applications to the Huguenot Society together with indices of names and brief family histories.

Woman’s Institute Branches

This index of WI Branches is provided by the Federated Women´s Institutes of Ontario.

Canadian Genealogist

Canadian Genealogist published 38 quarterly issues, from 1979 to 1988.

Birth, Marriage & Death Records in Ontario

A brief guide to BMD civil registration records in Ontario

IOOF Insurance Papers Database

Between 1875 and 1929, the Independent Order of Odd-fellows operated a life insurance program.

Ontario Locator

A list of every municipality in Ontario (city, town, village, township, regional municipality) and all of the geographic townships which have belonged to a municipality.

Unregistered Cemeteries

A collection of unregistered cemeteries.

Surname Index

This Database is currently under development.

Memorial Project

This project is designed to honour those who have served our county in time of war or as Police or Firefighters

OGSPI OGS – Provincial Index

The OGSPI is a comprehensive index to many Ontario resources.